2014 Atlanta Zine Fest


On Our Own Authority! will be participating in the 2014 Atlanta Zine Fest, an annual conference celebrating DIY media, handmade media, and other independent and counter-culture publishing projects in Atlanta.

The Atlanta Zine Fest will be held on June 14th, from 12pm-9pm, at the Erikson Clock building (364 Nelson Street, Atlanta, GA 30313). This year’s festivities will include:

  • panels on various topics, such as zine archiving and libraries, distros, counterculture and zines, young adults/coming of age, and so on
  • vendors exhibiting dynamic handmade art and media
  • invited guest speakers
  • “how-to” skillshare workshops focusing on Do-It-Yourself aesthetics, including wood blocking, paper making, photocopying, stamping, binding, and layout. booths for vendors to sell merchandise and network with other groups and individuals involved in independent media
  • an interdisciplinary framework that highlights the crossover between artists, filmmakers, authors, independent craft makers, scholars, teachers, blog writers and zinesters

For more information about these events, please view the AZF press release by following this link: http://atlantazinefest.weebly.com/press-release.html

As usual, our own table will feature books related to anarchism, labor history, social movement history, anti-colonialism, post-colonial studies, Pan-Africanism, and Palestine solidarity. Please be sure to stop by the Atlanta Zine Fest and say hello!


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