Mariner, Renegade, Castaway: Chris Braithwaite — Seamen’s Organizer, Socialist and Militant Pan-Africanist  by Christian Høgsbjerg

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Imported from Redwords Publishing in London, On Our Own Authority! is now distributing Christian Høgsbjerg’s biography of Chris Braithwaite (aka “Chris Jones“), a leading organizer of colonial seamen in inter-war Britain. Having led a global network to implement workers’ sanctions against the Italian invasion of Ethiopia, Braithwaite played a critical role in the Pan-Africanist and wider anti-colonial movement alongside figures such as C.L.R. James and George Padmore. Høgsbjerg’s book recovers Braithwaite’s long overlooked life as a Black radical and political trade unionist, and suggests his determined struggle for working class unity in the face of racism and austerity retains relevance for us today….[Read More]

“Through his scrupulous research of the compelling life and times of Chris Braithwaite, Christian Høgsbjerg has uncovered the vital contribution of a pioneering Black activist and anti-colonial stalwart. Braithwaite’s brave achievement should be on the curriculum of all our schools.”
— CHRIS SEARLE, Race and Class.

“Chris was born in Barbados, in the West Indies [in 1885] and started to go to sea at a very early age. As a seaman he had the opportunity to travel round the world. The world was thus his university, and what an education it provided him! It was always a pleasure to hear Chris, who was of a most gay and youthful temperament, relate his many sailor’s yarns, and, in his more serious moments, to listen to him describing the conditions of the working class in the various lands it was his good fortune to visit.”
— GEORGE PADMORE, New Leader (September, 1944)

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