Three New Titles for the NYC Anarchist Bookfair

Three New Titles from OooA! will Debut at the 7th Annual New York City Anarchist Book Fair!

On Our Own Authority! Publishing will be attending the 7th annual NYC Anarchist Book Fair on Saturday, 6th April 2013, at the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center (107 Suffolk Street, on the Lower East Side). In addition to our publications by revolutionary authors like Kimathi Mohammed, Eusi Kwayana, Maurice Brinton, Modibo Kadalie, we are very excited to announce that the following new titles will also be making their first appearances at this year’s NYC Book Fair!

ida-b-wells-lynch-law-georgiaLynch Law in Georgia & Other Writings is a new collection of pamphlets by Ida B. Wells, the most outstanding anti-lynching activist in American history. Newly edited and introduced by Matthew Quest, this selection of Wells’s anti-lynching pamphlets shifts how we have come to understand her legacy. These pamphlets reflect Wells’s transition from seeing lynching and race riots as responses to Black middle class aspirations toward viewing them as attacks on the potential of insurgent Black workers who defended and organized themselves for emancipation.

The works collected in this volume place Wells’s anti-lynching crusade in conversation with later movements for Black Power, labor, and anti-fascism. Additionally, these writings serve as an occasion for a critical discussion on the meaning of anarchy and for confronting many false assumptions about what a coherent effort at justice can actually hope to achieve under the state.

paris-commune-draft4The Commune: Paris, 1871 is a new collection of classic anarchist and libertarian socialist studies of the Paris Commune. In the near century-and-a-half that has passed since the Commune’s destruction, the Commune remains a moment of fascination where working-class men and women declared Paris an independent municipality seeking to directly and collectively manage their society through new institutions and voluntary associations of their own  creation. Accordingly, anarchists and libertarian-socialists across the generations have looked to this historic moment seeking to learn from both its strengths and its limitations.

This concise volume, edited and introduced by Andrew Zonneveld includes critical reflections on the Paris Commune from such radical authors as Louise Michel, William Morris, Mikhail Bakunin, Petr Kropotkin, Voltairine de Cleyre, Alexander Berkman and Maurice Brinton.

SenKatayama_FrontCoverThe Labor Movement in Japan by Sen Katayama, originally published in 1918, is a classic first-hand account of labor activism in early twentieth century Japan, one of the most vibrant and tumultuous periods in global social history. In their struggles for freedom, rebellious Japanese workers organized strikes, initiated riots, and planned imperial assassinations. While all of this was taking place, small groups of radical socialists and anarchists struggled to survive under extreme state suppression, mass arrests, and political executions.

This updated edition features two additional writings by the author and a new introductory essay that further illuminates the experiences and activities of Japanese revolutionaries and working-class rebels.

oooa-tableThese three new publications will be available for the first time THIS SATURDAY, APRIL 6TH, at the Seventh Annual New York City Anarchist Book Fair! Although this is a two-day event, we will be tabling on SATURDAY ONLY, so please remember to come by our table and check out these great books!

All three of these titles will be available to order online beginning Monday April 8th from our Online Bookstore and

We are very much looking forward to this opportunity to meet new friends, comrades, and fellow independent publishers/booksellers in New York. If you are interested in attending this book fair, or need more information, please click here.

See you at the Book Fair!

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